Influenced by locally grown, organic produce – Elevated focuses on a healthy yet sophisticated – modern dining experience.

Perched just upstairs from Cava, in Bay Harbor, Elevated looks out over the Bay Harbor Marina with unrivaled views of the water.

Open 5 nights a week but with only 10 tables – reservations are strongly suggested.

a p p e t i z e r s

california roll 13
crab, avocado, cucumber

caterpillar roll 13
unagi (bbq eel), cucumber, avocado, sesame seeds

spicy tuna roll 15
ahi tuna, scallions, spicy aioli

calamari 10
crispy fried calamari, chorizo sausage, bell pepper ragout, smokey tomato sauce

wings 10
10 “cage-free” local chicken wings, fresh celery, blue cheese dressing, spicy sauce “Isabell.”

tartare 14
beef tenderloin tartare, capers, egg yolk, cornichons, red onion, horseradish aioli, crostinis

mussels 12
white wine steamed p.e.i. mussels, pernod liqueur, fennel, bacon, parsley, garlic toast

hearth fired pizzas
pepperoni 14 four cheese margherita 12 wild mushroom & white sauce 15

s a l a d s

spring greens 9
mixed greens, radish, cucumber, tomato, citrus vinaigrette

tomato salad 10
heirloom tomatoes, basil, blue cheese, evoo, balsamic, sea salt, cracked pepper

beet salad 11
roasted baby beets, asparagus, walnuts, herb goat cheese, sherry vinaigrette

caesar salad 10
romaine lettuce, white anchovies, croutons, caesar dressing, broken parmesan chips

e n t r e e s

filet 34
8 oz certified angus filet, potato hash, wild mushrooms, asparagus, “Tommy’s steak sauce”

flank steak 29
10 oz. flank steak, “chilled” 125k salad, green beans, preserved lemon, bacon, roasted tomato vinaigrette

ribs 23
slow-roasted & “fall off the bone” baby back ribs, german potato salad, house-made bbq

chicken 25
chicken breast, roasted jalapeno – cheddar grits, charred peppers, sweet corn relish

sea bass 35
“MSC certified sustainable” chilean sea bass, organic udon noodles, braised bok choy, citrus soy reduction

various menu additions posted daily

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